Esther Arribas developed this work together with Miguel de Cruz staying in Madrid, Valencia and Amsterdam influenced by
and collaborating with 50 other people in many levels of communication and compromise.

Paz Rojo and Fernando Quesada became the discussion famillygroup.
Andrés Novo has been supporting the project both in dramaturgy and the architectural thinking.

SOUTH part II is a work in progress started during the Artist in Residence 2014 program in La Casa Encendida and CA2M in Madrid.

KNOCK DOWN THE ENTRANCE DOOR OF THE CINEMA is a theatrical movie in which SOUTH is part of the fiction.
The movie is currently in post-production.
At the moment we are presenting the immersive presentation of the movie in Antic Teatre in Barcelona:
30th of January 2015, immersive presentation including the performance South.
31st of January 2015, context presentation including Documentary Theater Performance

Check out the whole project, photos and videos at: surosouth.wordpress.com