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Esther Arribas with Nicolás Rosés
Performance: Nicolás Rosés
Amsterdam 2011

“I find the essence of the style in the archaic representation of forms, designed in restless, but well-coordinated opposition, with a pronounced tendency towards realism. Archaic representation implies an unplastic relief of parallel planes, concentric surfaces and movements parallel to the background, the limitation of horizontal planes, the vertical projection of spatial themes, the schematic reduction of natural shapes, their generalized aspect, and the ornamental abstraction or arithmetical grouping of repeated elements. In the dominant restlessness are implied unstable postures, energetic movements, diagonal and zigzag lines, and the complication of surfaces by overlapping and contrasted forms, which sometimes compromise the order and clarity inherent in the archaic method.”

Meyer Schapiro
“The romanesque sculpture of moissac”, published in THE ART BULLETIN in 1931