Esther Arribas Rovira. 30th January 1985, Spain. +31 0619694495. Amsterdam.

Work as choreographer/maker

“KNOCK DOWN THE ENTRANCE DOOR OF THE CINEMA” self curated event (triple bill) in collaboration with Matías Daporta, 2014-2015 (ongoing project). Coproduced by Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam and Agadic in Galicia, Spain.
“SOUTH part II”. Artist in Residence project in La Casa Encendida and CA2M, Madrid. August-September. 2014.
“SOSCI FI” (a documentary theater performace). 2014. Amsterdam, Berlin.
Collaboration project by Matías Daporta and Esther Arribas.
• “AND”. 2013. Amsterdam, Berlin.
Co-working project by Esther Arribas and Nina Djekic.
• “SOUTH (taking norht as reference)”. 2013. Madrid, Amsterdam.

Collaborative project by Esther Arribas and Miguel de Cruz, performed as solo by Esther. Het Veem Theater, SNDO4 festival.
– SOUTH at Sint Josephkerk. Second version of SOUTH. Sint Josephkerk, Amsterdam. December, 2013.
• “Close encounters of a certain kind”. 2012. Amsterdam.
Created for and with Leyla de Muynck, Carmen Castricum, Caroline Haring and Ksusha Knyazeva, from MTD (Modern theater dance) Theaterschool deparment.
• “Sensible and efficacious signs of grace”. 2011. Amsterdam.

Solo performed by Nicolás Rosés. SNDO3 festival.
• “Not a mountain, but a prairie”. 2011. Amsterdam.
A trio with Yui Nagakami and María Peralta. SNDO2 festival.
• “canis lupus familiaris”. 2011. Amsterdam. Video dance project.
SNDO2 Dance and Camera.

• “Quiero romántico”. 2010. Amsterdam. A solo. SNDO1 festival.
• “Swan crash four die”. 2010. Amsterdam.
A collaboration with Marina Colomina, Marta Ziolek and Florentina Holzinger.
• “La quimera del ruido”. 2008. Spain.
A collaboration with Yolanda Sanchez and Almudena Rubiato.
Performed the international day for the Elimination of Violence against Woman.
• “Solo en parte”. 2007. Spain. A solo, selected for “Young artists of Castilla la Mancha”.

Work as performer

• “Picnic at the Hanging Rock”. By Emily Kocken. Het Veem Theater. 2015.
• “Plexus”. By Marina Colomina.

Trio with Stephen West and Marina Colomina. SNDO3 festival. 2011.
• “Por sal y samba”. By Carles Casallachs.
Duet with Carles Casallachs. SNDO2 festival. 2011. Selected for ITs festival 2011. Theater Frascati. Aerowaves selected, performed in different cities.
• “37 Sherrys”. By Ann Liv Young.
Artist in residence SNDO. Amsterdam, 2011. Performed in Something Raw Festival Amsterdam.
• “Breaking the Chord”. By Deborah Hay.
Artist in residence SNDO. Amsterdam, 2010. Performed in Springdance Festival Utrecht.
• “2+2”. By Helena Berrozpe.
A duet. “Chati paun-lao Company”. Various theaters 2008/09. Spain.
• “Viva paella”. Spectacle. Shima Spain Mura. Japan. During 10 months in 2006.

Germaine Acogny, Benoît Lachambre, Deborah Hay, María La Ribot, Robert Steijn, Kirstie Simpson, Frans Poelstra, Bojana Cvejic, Ann Liv Young, Katarina Bakatsaki, Aitana Cordero, Cristiane Boulosa.

Work as designer (remarkable)
• “Coreogramas”. Dance writting. Final project Graphic Desing BA. 2007. Spain.
• Exhibition desing for El Faro pavilion. Expoagua Zaragoza 2008. Spain.
• Scenic project for “2+2”. 2008. Spain. Choreography by Helena Berrozpe.

• BA in Choreography. SNDO (School for New Dance Development). 2009-2013. Amsterdam.
• BA in Graphic Design. Escuela de arte nº diez. 2003-2007. Madrid, Spain.
• Contemporary dance + ballet. 1989-2004. Different schools. Madrid, Spain