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AND is a co-working project of Nina Djekic and Esther Arribas.



AND was set up as our graduation project at SNDO in Amsterdam, from which we graduated as classmates in July 2013.

AND means to work together. To overlap attractions. To not necesarilly share fields of interests, but the strategies. (or the opposite?)To recognize the desire. To recognize the need. To not sabotage with your love –

To share strategies and support eachother, we started with sharing the time and space of exposure, trying to find our own pathways to reach the members of the audience… to find co-workers, advisors and the spectators/participants to the events we initiate.

AND is a personal platform.

AND is a sculpture/an architecture in turning, multifaceted

It is negotiated amongst the interested, amongst the drawn –

AND is online interviewing events, selection of the transcribed interviews – a book and a performance in 4 parts. AND proposes to be a performance in two variations and a HIT.