Read-in cinema by Emily Kocken & look-a-likes

14th to 17th of May, in Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam.
Read-In Cinema
is a serial, a mini drama in three episodes, that is to be followed in three successive nights. On Sunday afternoon the whole serial is performed.
Multiple hands, eyes, voice become a plural female figure with half long brown hair, banks and a slender figure of 1.69m.


Concept and scenography Emily Kocken
Performers Astrit Ismaili, Branka Zgonjanin, Celia Piano,
Celine Talens, Elif Ozbay, Emily Kocken,
Esther Arribas, Jildou Kroes, Mirjam van Ansem,
Nathalie Smoor en Petra Mesman
Film documentation Wilma Rekkers
Light design Vinny Jones
Costume design Anja Romar
Hair styling Tomislav Feller
iPad support Carst van der Molen